How to Fix Email Issues with WordPress Contact Form Hosted by GoDaddy

My website,, runs on WordPress and is hosted by GoDaddy. Like many websites, I have a form on my contact page. When I migrated from my old website to my current WordPress website, I chose one of the standard contact plugins. Some of the most common forms are Contact Form 7, Secure Contact Form, and Contact Form. After some testing the configuration, I was able to get my form submissions to work. Continue reading

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing the Perfect Website

We’ve all had those terrible experiences with a website that leaves much to be desired. However, some sites take it to the extreme. Like any industry, web design and online marketing has evolved since it’s early days. It’s 2013. Let’s get with the program, folks. I’ve asked a few people (non-designers/developers), researched others opinion, and thought about what I passionately hate about a website. Read the list below and remember to never commit one of these web sins. Continue reading

Cross Timbers Website Launched

The Cross Timbers Trail Race website is now live. As mentioned in a previous post, it is a responsive website. Responsive means the design and layout will adjust according to the user’s device. Being my first dive into responsive design, there was a slight learning curve. Responsive design presents a unique challenge in that a designer has to target multiple widths and decide how a layout should react. With the growing number of screen resolutions, it’s important to cater to all! I’m hesitant to say adios to fixed width design, but responsive definitely holds a place in web design. Continue reading

Running ‘Round Responsive Websites

As many of you know, I love trail running and nature. The trail running community is a wonderful group of people and I felt like I needed to give back. So, I decided to update a website for a local race that I participated in earlier this year called Cross Timbers. The Cross Timbers Trail Race is directed by Teresa Estrada-McCoul and is currently the oldest trail race in Texas…and for good reason.

With any web design, mockups come first. This is where you come in. I need your opinion. Please VOTE! Click on each image to view full size. Continue reading