Cross Timbers Website Launched

The Cross Timbers Trail Race website is now live. As mentioned in a previous post, it is a responsive website. Responsive means the design and layout will adjust according to the user’s device. Being my first dive into responsive design, there was a slight learning curve. Responsive design presents a unique challenge in that a designer has to target multiple widths and decide how a layout should react. With the growing number of screen resolutions, it’s important to cater to all! I’m hesitant to say adios to fixed width design, but responsive definitely holds a place in web design.

Aside from being responsive, there were a few other items to tackle. A few are listed below:

  • Custom WordPress theme
  • SEO to improve search engine results
  • Reorganized some content, formatted, and transitioned old standalone htm pages to the new design
  • Yahoo Small Business sites shortcomings

SEO (search engine optimization) will increase website a traffic. I performed a quick keyword analysis and decided the long tail keywords to target. I’ve already noticed an increase for some keyword searches.

As mentioned above, Yahoo Small Sites has a few shortcomings. One issue I have with yahoo hosting is lack of .htaccess. This file is very helpful for a number for things. I wanted to use .htaccess for url canonicalization and 301 redirects, but no such luck. Url canonicalization is critical to improve search engine rank, as is 301 redirects. I also wanted to install WordPress in the root directory, but documentation says you cannot. All in all, Yahoo hosting is not terrible, but wouldn’t be my first choice.

Overall, I’m pleased with the new website and hope that the runners love it as well.

This month was very productive. 2 websites launched. Time for more freelance today (along with a long run, of course).

Happy running. Happy designing.

Check out the Cross Timbers site.

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