Game grids

Our group used cold/hot media and violent/non-violent experience for Chart 1. We picked MXC(Most Extreme Elimination Challenge), Guess Who, Grand Theft Auto, and Human Tetris. Cold and hot media are always in relation to one another, at one point in time an item might be cold but when compared to a different item(s) it could be hot. Marshall McLuhan coined the term hot and cold media. Hot media takes less interaction and is highly defined. On the other hand, cold media is the exact opposite. For this reason, we have placed MXC, Human tetris, and Guess Who in the cold media range, leaving GTA on the hot media side. Violence vs. non violent is rather self explanatory, although its interesting to point out that we have two polar opposites considering hot and cold media, yet both are very high in terms of violence. One being realistic, while GTA is video game portraying violence.

For Chart 2, our variables were the amount of player (less or greater) and strong odor/minty fresh. Art, cup stacking, spelling bees, and frisbee golf are the games we decided upon for our second chart. Since art and spelling bees are located at the same area, we made two charts.

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