Inbound Marketing at HubSpot’s 2012 Meeting

I was lucky enough to attend HubSpot’s Inbound 2012 located in their hometown Boston, MA. Inbound marketing is critical to an online business these days (or any business for that matter), and Inbound 2012 really pounded that point home. There were several great keynotes over the course of three days that spoke on a variety of important topics.

Keynotes include:

But you know what they say… All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, HubSpot took care of this. They lined up a Cyndi Lauper concert and encouraged a fun, laid back environment that lasted throughout the entire meeting. Not only did we see Cyndi perform, but a select group of people were able to meet her. Below is a picture of my two bosses, Cyndi and myself (on right).

Cyndi Lauper and part of CHR's marketing team

There was also many, many informative sessions delivered by industry experts. Some sessions were better than others, but all in all, some great takeaways. Here are a few:

  • Content is king, context is God
  • Best and worst times for social media (worth an entire blog post)
  • Social engagement
  • Be negative. Be positive. Don’t be neutral.
  • Create SMART goals for social media marketing and study analytics

Inbound 2012 was also a great way to network and meet others in the industry who love online marketing just as much I do. It’s always great to bounce ideas off one another.

Overall, I learned a ton at this conference and hope to go again next year. It was well planned, entertaining, and a great experience. I envision the Inbound Conference growing significantly in years to come. Tweet away!

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