Pizza Hut World Hunger Relief

I designed this digital billboard while employed at Pizza Hut. The high traffic location was on Interstate 45 just two miles south of downtown Dallas. The billboard promoted the World Hunger Relief campaign ran by Yum Brands, which includes Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell. It also placed emphasis on the partnership between Pizza Hut and Hulu Plus. The campaign is the world’s largest private sector hunger relief effort. Per the press release dated January 9, 2014, Yum raised $37 million in overall cash and food donations in 2013. Since World Hunger Relief launched in 2007, $185 million has been donated.

Pizza Hut Billboard

NetAmerica Alliance Website

NetAmerica Alliance website was a major redesign which included dynamic content and a transition from static HTML to a content management system. Other features include a members login, blog, and event calendar which automatically inserts content on subpages.

Secondly, the website is responsive, meaning it adjusts to a user’s device. Content layout switches depending on the width of the device. There are numerous complicated breakpoints for NetAmerica’s website, each of which target different widths. Adjust the browser width while viewing on a pc or check it out on desktop and then a smartphone or tablet. The user experience is changed as needed.

NetAmerica Website Desktop

I was responsible for HTML build out, user interface, and Joomla integration of both the desktop and mobile version. I worked on this project while employed by CHR Solutions and do not own rights to this website.

To view the website, please visit

NetAmerica Website Mobile

West Texas Rural Telephone

West Texas Rural Telephone Cooperative came to CHR Solutions in need of an updated brand. Part of the overhaul included a total website redesign. The client wanted a new look, but wanted to keep the down home, Texas feel.

I designed the website in Photoshop. I also built the HTML, CSS, and developed the website template. The website is built on Joomla which is a popular, robust Content Management System.

West Texas Rural

Visit the website at

Cross Timbers Trail Race

The Cross Timbers Trail Race website is my favorite project to date. Why, you ask? Many reasons.

The website was created for a local trail race that I’ve participated in the last two years. Trail running is one of my passions so I felt more attached to this project than others. I also had more freedom with this project. It went from being a static HTML website with a majority of the content on one page to a well organized, easy to navigate website. I installed the ever so popular WordPress CMS so the client can edit easier. As I mentioned in a previous post, it is my first time working with CSS media queries for responsive design. Responsive means the design and layout will adjust according to the user’s device. Like anything in life, I accepted the new challenge with open arms. In the end, I targeted multiple devices from mobile devices, to iPads and tablets, to 1024 and 1200px desktop layouts.

I also spent time on keyword research to improve search engine optimization. Before I started this project, there was no search engine optimization and the rankings for Cross Timbers were poor. After much keyword research, I decided what keywords to focus on and sprinkled them throughout each respective page. Taking special care of what is listed in H1 through H3 tags, meta keywords, and meta descriptions is very important, however most of my emphasis is on the meta title. The meta title is what users, not the Google bots, are reading. Yes, Google bots should be taken into consideration, however traffic of users is what’s most important.

See the desktop and mobile version listed below and then visit the website.

Cross Timbers Trail Race

Cross Timbers Trail Race

View the Cross Timbers Trail Race website now!

True Image Entertainment

True Image Entertainment was a freelance client that needed a website. True Image was a new business and had no online presence. Some requirements of the website were:

  • Client log in to review daily revisions to production work
  • Blog
  • Social media integration
  • Video showcase
  • Content Management System

I designed the website, built the HTML, and Joomla template and page structure.



MobiNet, LLC is a wireless company that was formed as a subsidiary of Etex Telephone Cooperative to expand into new service areas and provide solutions to rural America. MobiNet needed a website built from the ground up. Ability for MobiNet employees to easily maintain and update their website was critical. We used Joomla content management system as the platform. Some other requirements were:

  • Secure Login
  • Blog
  • Contact form with routing

MobiNet Website homepage

My main contributions to this site was the HTML/CSS build out and CMS implementation. I also served as the point of contact throughout phases of the website build.

* There have been some changes since CHR Solutions worked on the website and I do not own rights to this website.


Bonfire is a communications company that needed a basic website for their 4G wireless SIM card instructions. Guidelines were to understand the color and brand of Bonfire and keep it modern. I designed the website in Photoshop and also built the HTML/CSS.

Bonfire website homepage

Visit the website at

Cloud Turnkey Template

CHR Solutions’ online cloud storefront provides clients the ability to resell a variety of managed services. Client can choose two routes a.) Pay for a custom built theme designed by our team or b.) Use the turnkey template and update the color scheme to match their branding. The turnkey template needed to be flexible i.e. changing colors via CSS and intelligent use of transparent images. Below are a few examples that I designed.

In regards to the actual HTML build, I first implemented the template in Parallels and then created a Joomla template.

Cloud-Turnkey Template-orange

Cloud-Turnkey Template-yellow

Cloud-Turnkey Template-v2-blue

Cloud-Turnkey Template-v2-yellow

Pro Lawn Care

Pro Lawn Care came to me with a need for brand identity, a website, and search engine optimization.

After the initial discovery call, it was apparent that the client wanted a clean, modern look for his mowing company that would appeal to all demographics. The completed website met and exceeded all the client’s requirements and expectations. Pro Lawn Care’s website is built on WordPress (Content Management System) which allows the client to easily update and maintain the website without knowing HTML, including post blog articles. I created the logo, color palette, custom website and WordPress theme, and performed basic search engine optimization (SEO). The SEO has proven worthwhile, as the Google Analytics I installed and search engine results page (SERP) continues to improve.

Pro Lawn Care website homepage

View the website at

Purple Diamonds

Julie Timm is a Senior Executive Director with Thirty-One. She asked CHR Solutions for a basic HTML site, with a primary purpose of communicating with her consultants and directors that she has recruited.

The list of requirements for the website included:

  • Password protected areas
    • Consultants
    • Directors
  • XML driven calendar with homepage snippet
  • Photo gallery
  • Contact form

I created the navigation structure, designed, and built the HTML for this website. Purple Diamond’s website runs on a Dreamweaver template.

Purple Diamonds website homepage

* I worked on this website under my employer CHR Solutions and I do not own rights to this website.