Rich Gold: This is not a Pipe

This article talks about the illusion that a photograph presents. A photograph is simply a photograph, only a representation of an object or event. It does not compare to the actual three dimensional object. A person cannot have the same sensations with a photo as he or she can with the actual object. The object can be held for example, to determine more about the object whereas the photo is only a grouping of pigments or pixels that are a representation. Often times, objects can be transformed into symbols. When symbols or icons are formed, it is called semiotics. Semiotics deals with how things are processed and grouped in sign systems.

In this article, the pipe is presented in many different cases. Different scenarios and environments tend to differentiate the pipe by use. Sometimes it’s a toy pipe, sometimes a tobacco pipe, sometimes an intellectual pipe.

Electricity and photography both changed the world. Photography allowing one to replicate an object in the 2d over and over, while electricity allows for many possibilities such as destroying communication distance barriers.

Furthermore, ubiquitous computing is a way of integrating computers into everyday life. The same way electricity and photography revolutionized the world, so will this concept. Ubiquitous computing will allow for simple objects to complete very complicated tasks. Referring back to the pipe, it is suggested that a pipe will contain a speaking and listening device. This “Ubi-pipe” will integrate old use and new use into one seamless object.

Ubiquitous computing presents many new ideas to the table. We shall see how the future will change as technology grows, “regular” objects become subjects of communication throughout society, and our environment can adapt to our preferences with no direct instruction.

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