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As many of you know, I love trail running and nature. The trail running community is a wonderful group of people and I felt like I needed to give back. So, I decided to update a website for a local race that I participated in earlier this year called Cross Timbers. The Cross Timbers Trail Race is directed by Teresa Estrada-McCoul and is currently the oldest trail race in Texas…and for good reason.

With any web design, mockups come first. This is where you come in. I need your opinion. Please VOTE! Click on each image to view full size.

Keep in mind the website will be responsive. Basically, responsive web design means the layout will adjust according to the size of the user’s device. Mobile design up to hi-res desktop.

Option A

Cross Timbers Website Option A

Cross Timbers Website Option A

Option B:

Cross Timbers Website Option B

Cross Timbers Website Option B

Thanks to everyone that voted. Voting is now closed.

Other Trail Running Adventures

Besides Cross Timbers, I’ve also had great experiences at races held by Tejas Trails and Endurance Buzz Adventures. If you’re in the North Dallas area be sure to check out Tejas Trail Runners Meetup group founded by Brance Graham. I’ve met some great people in this group and this is when I really started to fall in love with trail running and the longer distances. As I mentioned earlier, the trail running community is awesome¬† and one of a kind. I’m sure that any trail race¬† you run you’ll meet a friendly bunch.

Thanks in advance to all those that vote. I’ll keep you updated once the website goes live! Feel free to share this page or comment below.

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