Theory of the Derive

A derive is directly translated to “drift” in English. It is an event that is recorded, hopefully simultaneously, where one walks a path (typically an urban scenario) that he or she has taken before. It sounds as if it is nearly a subconscious journey, only paying attention to the geography and unexpected events. It is a constant battle between these two categories, or brain activities. On one hand the participant should let go and relax, but also dedicate close attention to environment detail. Chance is taken into account, factors such as precipitation can both improve or decrease the effectiveness of the derive. Derives are playful in nature although are directly linked to the Situationist movement. This term was coined during the movement, in which a group of artists vocally and physically showed their common dislike for some political parties and urbanism.

I see some ideas from an article I recently read relate to this article…urbanism vs. green space, self liberation by nature, and the notion that many things (very, very broad term) are taken for granted.

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